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Hi! We're Messy Conversations!

Well, WE aren’t Messy Conversations, obviously. We’re Donna and Audrey! We’re two friends whose conversations are ALWAYS messy. We became intrigued by how conversations worked and then began wondering about how and why we seem to have dis-connected during this time of deep need to connect. We believe there is magic to be found in conversations and the time has come to relearn to have them. Tune in to hear ideas, thoughts, tips, tricks and just plain discussions about what a Messy Conversation is and why it is important, nay necessary, to live in the reality of connecting through Messy Conversations. 

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Our story

Things have been a little weird lately. Ok, a lot weird. We isolated ourselves and then it seems that out of convenience and not knowing what was best for the moment, we kept doing it. Instead of going out and being with others again, we hunkered down even more. 

During this time, Donna and Audrey really noticed the dis-connection between all our human companions jumbled up together on this spinning rock flying through space. We noticed we became more divisive and detached. But then, how could we not? We weren’t really  talking to each other anymore! 

Personally, we think it started a long time ago and these last 2 extraordinary years sped up the dis-connect among us. 

We believe the time has come to change the downward trajectory of dis-connection. The time has come to dun, dun, dun…. Talk to each other again! For real. Like, maybe even have meaningful and fun and outrageous conversations that fill us up and bring us joy! 

But oh boy, have we forgotten how to do that! Or did we ever really know how? It doesn’t matter anymore why it happened, the only way out of it is forward and forward means being purposeful and deliberate in learning how to converse to bring us together. 

Welcome to Messy Conversations where we will be tackling this sticky and fun subject. How do we talk to each other? How do we bridge the gap? How do we connect and forge meaningful relationships to bring us together on team Human? 

Join us as we explore new and old ways of bridging that divide and create lasting and meaningful connections with those we love and don’t love, with those we agree and disagree with, and most of all finding common beliefs in who we are. 

Plus we laugh a lot.

The purpose of our work

We invite you to eavesdrop on the antics of two (sort of) grown women seeking to instill more laughter, fun, and adventure in their lives. We hope to playfully nudge/shove you into using curiosity as a tool for better understanding yourself and the world around you. To encourage you to step more fully into the fun,  joy, and fulfillment that has been missing in your life. 

We welcome  you to laugh and cry with us, as we push ourselves past our pre-conceived (false) boundaries and share the reality of living joyfully-and sometimes frustratingly-messy lives.

About Your Hosts

Audrey Acton, Curiosity Coach

Audrey works with people ready to use curiosity to shift their view of themselves and the world. 

Donna Doyon, Spiritual/Consciousness Coach

Donna works with spiritually awakening individuals who are ready to honor their uniqueness and develop the spiritual gifts required to fulfill their soul's purpose.